Project Chemistry Olympiad
This is the official Chemistry olympiad page for international participants

About Olympiad

The Olympiad was organized in 2018 by a group of initiative students of the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University.

The Olympiad consists of two main stages: qualifying (theoretical) and final (practical).

In the theoretical section, each participant of the Olympiad is invited to solve a number of theoretical problems related to inorganic, physical and organic chemistry. The participants who have coped with the tasks better than others are invited to participate in the final stage.

The final section consists of two steps. In the beginning each participant of the Olympiad is invited to find the most optimal method for solving a specific practical problem. Following the results of the defense, the participants who showed the best results are invited to a practical step to bring their completed project to life.
Contacts for international participants
WhatsApp: +79680570228
MSU Chemistry Department, Leninskiye Gory 1c3 , Moscow, Russia